Have you ever wondered what kind of coffee in the land of Dak Mil is special or not? Let The Ants Coffee help you to discover the coffee taste here.
Dak Mil – Dak Nong famous land of coffee
With favorable natural conditions, basalt red soils, at an altitude of 500m – 600m above sea level and cool weather, suitable for Robusta and Arabica. Along with hundreds of years of experience in harvesting, processing and processing of local people. The harmony of “natural time, space, peace” has helped coffee here become famous.
Dak Mil District has a large area of ​​cultivated coffee, high yield and quality in Dak Nong province. The whole district of Dak Mil has more than 21,000 hectares of coffee with an average yield of 50,000 tons per year. The people here have experienced hard days, hard days, not afraid of sunshine and rain, stay up early to care for, irrigate, nourish their children. Farmers are very hard, rainy season is sunny, but nearly 95% of Vietnamese coffee output is now exported raw, not brand, export market share in the hands of multinational corporations. The paradox is that they collect coffee for export at Vietnamese ports to their overseas stores, screening for bagging options and the origin of Vietnamese coffee is no longer available. Rather, it is the origin of Indonesia, Colombia … countries with very low coffee export. Farmers are often faced with the loss of price, the price of the driver, the output is not stable.
Recognizing the difficulties and difficulties of the people, The Ants Coffee we want to contribute a small part of our effort, helping the lives of the people of Dak Mil is more stable. First of all bring the value of coffee beans here to all parts of the country, then to the friends in the world with the slogan: “Pure coffee beans from nature”, always put the word Top of the page is the fruit of labor, the result of people’s blood-soaked sweat combined with us to give customers a completely natural, clean, pure and characteristic product. distinct of this land of Dak Mil.

Clean coffee is simply 100% coffee, not mixed anything else. How about our production process clean coffee how? Let’s find out.
The general characteristics of the coffee in Dak Mil is that it has strong caffeine content, strong flavor, and less sour, sometimes also the taste of the sun, the highland wind with its attractive aroma. And to get the best coffee The Ants Coffee we have to select the best quality coffee of the land of Dak Mil reputation and find the secret combination, mix many nuts to bring coffee Bring the flavor to your taste and taste.
Accompanying the farmers throughout the care, there are dedicated coffee experts, regularly on hand, guide the cultivation techniques, quality standards for farmers during the process of care. fertilizer to harvest.
With a closed production process, we combine with the people of Dak Mil to choose strong coffee varieties, large seeds; Fertilizer, irrigation, till harvesting, carefully selected coffee beans, 99% ripe red fruit, not picking tea.
After harvest, remove the shell, sun drying, drying to ensure that coffee beans reach a moisture content of 12%. At The Ants Coffee roasting factory, there are coffee experts with long experience in the industry, and most importantly they have an immortal love with coffee, combined with hi-tech roaster systems, modern, allowing strict control of temperature, roasting time, to produce the roasted coffee beans uniform quality, flavor, color.
From the roasting workshop, the coffee is ground, checking the final stages, packaging and distribution throughout the shops, cafes, customers around the world.
First launched with the investment, careful care, ensuring clean raw materials and quality output, always put the top priority, is the core value of The Ants Coffee. All of them heartily lift the value of Robusta and Arabica Vietnamese coffee to a new height and bring the essence of coffee to the people around the world.

Writer: Minh Khôi