How to mix The Anst Coffee


     For a good cup of coffee in the right place, you must first ensure that the coffee you choose is pure, do not impregnate any soybean meal, corn powder.

     Next, you need a good filter, moderate volume, should not use too large phin. Solid grip, chisel holes, lid phin and compressed coffee must be hard, stainless steel material as possible.

*                   Step 1: Use boiling water over the coffee to ensure «Phin» is clean, besides that the coffee will help coffee bloom more and reduce the heat absorption when brewing coffee. Then add the coffee powder into the cup, (the ratio of coffee is ⅓ and water is ⅔).

*             Step 2: Use moderate coffee press. Not too tight nor too light. Bring the boiling water 92-98Ointo the lid of the filter and then set the bottom up, until the water under the cap is drained. This process is called “brewing coffee”.

*             Step 3: Put the coffee and slices over the cup, boil water 92-98Oover the coffee, cover the lid and wait for the coffee to run out.
*            Step 4: The results you get a quantity of coffee beans, can add sugar or milk, ice (depending on your preferences) to stir and enjoy.

Pay attention when the coffee drops a second drops, then you are considered successful first step. If the coffee flows in a row, you have less coffee or compressed coffee is not tight.

With coffee milk, the ratio between milk :: Coffee is 3 :: 7 or 4 :: 6 depending on the taste.

With black coffee, the ratio is similar to milk coffee, the sugar may be small seeds, but it is recommended to use water after condensation (1kg sugar needs 400ml-500ml of water to condense).

Beat sugar or milk with coffee until bubbled before kicking out. Stone coffee should choose the old stone, the big, long tan to water.

     One last trick for your coffee is more delicious and richer than that is 1-2 cups of fine salt into the cup of coffee mixed to reduce the acidity in the coffee. Wish you have a delicious cup of coffee made by your own hands. 




Writer: Minh Khôi